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Wonderful footage from a crossing at Lookout

08 Sep 2014 by Kicheche Camps

Hi Carel, some wonderful footage from a crossing at Lookout, taken by our silver guide Patrick Koriata. Images were taken by Patrick whilst sharing the company of regular Kicheche visitor 'Greg Du Toit' current Wildlife Photographer of the year. Our usual abundance of cats in Olare Motorogi have been giving our guests some fantastic game drives. Nearly 70 Lions, plenty of leopards and a smattering of cheetahs have now been infiltrated by the gnu masses. Death, destruction and lots of young cubs are all available to our guests, on the plains, not in camp! Amazingly we still have a few bednights available for the end of Oct so tell everyone to hurry. Regards Darren

The wildebeest migration Mara River crossing at the Lookout crossing point - Video by Patrick Koriata

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