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Quiet on the Tanzanian side

09 Sep 2014 by Asilia Africa

Hi Carel, my bags are packed, this will be one of my last updates - news is that it has been a bit quiet on the Tanzanian side in terms of crossings, yesterday Sayari Camp reported seeing two small crossings at crossing point number 7 and no 2 coming back to the Tanzania side, other herds have been seen towards the East and the Njamalumbwa hills moving towards the Kuka Hills and the Sand River area. Olakira have reported that they have managed to see some small crossings in front of their camp and that their herds were also seen far west of camp in the Machochwe area. Rekero Camp on the Mara side reported small groups around Look-out Hill near Sand River, others are scattered in the plains of the Mara Triangle and big groups around Musiara, see you soon!

Small river crossings on the Tanzanian side of the Mara River - Image by Joe du Plessis
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