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Considerable numbers of wildebeest in Keekorok

Hi Carel, From Sand River Masai Mara. There are considerable numbers of wildebeest in the Keekorok area, all the way to the Talek. Smaller herds south of Keekorok towards Sand River, and some appear to be heading back towards the northern Serengeti. Fewer animals towards the north and west and I have not heard of any recent substantial crossings over the Mara River into the Triangle/TransMara, at least this (south) side of the Talek River. We have had some recent evening showers, with more rain falling to the west and south of SR, and this will obviously influence movements. Overall, I think the rains we experienced in August have caused some fragmentation. A brief visit to the southern side of the Triangle recently revealed good grass cover there cf the Lookout area, but relatively few animals that side of the Mara. My guides are out today, so if there are any changes I will update you shortly. Kind regards Tim Allen-Rowlandson General Manager Sand River Masai Mara

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