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Big crossing at Kaburu

19 Sep 2014 by Alex Walker's Serian

Hi Carel - Update from the Mara: Today there was a big crossing (+5000 head of wildebeest) at Kaburu heading into the Triangle around 3PM. It seems as though they are starting to move out of the Mara Southwards. Having said that, there is still a substantial amount of them left here. Down towards Nkorombo there have been massive storms, both yesterday and tonight (1inch or so on both occasions), this may bring in some confusion with regards to making the trek South. I am still awaiting confirmation on the Tanzanian sideā€¦I hope I will be able to send that update by tomorrow. Best wishes, Roisin

The massive wildebeest migration river crossing at Kaburu - Image by Roisin Perret
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