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South Africa

8 Unique Experiences You Can Have In Africa

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23 Dec 2021

South Africa

An Adventure up the Garden Route

The Garden Route is known as one of the most beautiful and…

13 Dec 2021


Why Should You Go On Safari During Green Season

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19 Nov 2021

South Africa

Airlines that are flying to Africa right now

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11 Nov 2021

South Africa

5 Tips for Planning a Safari Honeymoon

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25 Oct 2021

South Africa

The Best Ten-Day South Africa Vacation Itinerary

South Africa, our home country. Very few countries'…

22 Oct 2021

9 Jaw-dropping Places you should visit in…

The UK will soon allow quarantine-free travel for almost all…

04 Oct 2021


Top five safaris for Kenyan residents

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21 Sep 2021

17 of the Best Wildlife Webcams in Africa

Watch wildlife in the vibrant African bush live and…

16 Sep 2021


The Hidden Pearl - Mozambique

In August 2020, our planned holiday to Greece was cancelled…

10 Sep 2021


7 of the Best Beaches in Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s beaches are the main lure of this African island…

09 Sep 2021


Zanzibar Travel Tips

Zanzibar has a long history and was once one of East Africa's…

02 Sep 2021