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27 Sep 2021


Top five safaris for Kenyan residents

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21 Sep 2021

17 of the Best Wildlife Webcams in Africa

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16 Sep 2021


The Hidden Pearl - Mozambique

In August 2020, our planned holiday to Greece was cancelled…

10 Sep 2021


7 of the Best Beaches in Zanzibar

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09 Sep 2021


Zanzibar Travel Tips

Zanzibar has a long history and was once one of East Africa's…

02 Sep 2021

Cape Town

Spring Flowers: Edible Flowers and Where…

Edible flowers aren’t something new, but it has become a…

24 Aug 2021

South Africa

Kayak Tours in Simons Town

Suppose you’re dreaming of a Cape Town vacation. In that…

23 Aug 2021


What Animals do you see on a Safari in Kenya?

Kenya is a gem tucked away in East Africa. It is a land…

12 Aug 2021


What to pack for a safari in Kenya

Kenya provides a diverse range of experiences, from…

06 Aug 2021

Cape Town

A 10 day Cape Town holiday itinerary

The beautiful Mother City has so much more to offer than…

23 Jul 2021


Best Game Reserves in Tanzania

One of Africa's most exciting wildlife adventures is a…

24 Jun 2021