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23 Sep 2021

These amazing river crossings were seen at crossing number one and crossing zero in Northern Serengeti Kogatende.

Video credit: Mkenda.

15 Sep 2021

Wow! What amazing footage. This was taken yesterday in the Mara River crossing from crossing number 2 by our contributor ranger safaris. “What a thrilling sight to see the herds moving and crossing the river!”
Photo credits: Ranger Safari guide Ndossy.

- Image by Photo Credit Ranger Safaris guide Ndossy
30 Aug 2021

These photos were taken on the 30th of August 2021 and Reported by Ranger Safaris Guide Mkenda 
“We enjoy seeing wildebeest crossing the Mara River twice after waiting for an hour, it was great and mesmerizing to watch and then seeing the giraffes and elephants around the Mara River was awesome."

- Image by Ranger Safari Guide Mkenda
- Image by Ranger Safari Guide Mkenda
11 Aug 2021

“At point number four, the groups are crossing,” Elia reports. We were in an excellent place and had a fantastic view of them. It was incredible to see some of the wildebeest leap from a riverbank that was almost six meters high!! What a moment we were able to capture! Video courtesy of Guide Elia.

22 Jul 2021

The Wildebeest Migration is ongoing all along the Mara River, according to our reliable source Ranger Safaris. They began crossing yesterday, starting at crossing number one and working their way up to crossing number eight.

05 Jul 2021

Daniel Nyamoga, RS guide, on safari reports - The main herds of wildebeest are already migrating to the Serengeti National Park's western corridor. 
Herds have been sighted in the western corridor, around Mareu, Bela Bela, and the Nyasirori Plains, where the Grumeti River flows.

- Image by Photo credits: RS Guide Wilfred from Kirawira Grumeti River
14 Jan 2020

Ranger guide Hilary witnessed the Great Wildebeest Migration on the southern Serengeti plains spread out all the way to the between the Ndutu plains and Kusini. 

However, a big herd was seen heading towards the Hidden Valley and Gol Kopjes. It is heavily raining this season and access to most areas can be a challenge with the wet conditions.

- Image by Hilary

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